Glendale Infertility, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Counseling

The ties of love and hope that bond a parent and child are the most powerful of all human relationships. Even the anticipation of parenthood creates within us a deeper sense of connection to each other and to the world around us. However, sometimes the path to parenthood is fraught with both physical and emotional struggles that can leave both individuals and couples feeling confused, hopeless, sad and angry. 

Infertility is full of unknowns and the experiences of infertility treatment can be overwhelming. Many couples invest vast amounts of financial, emotional and physical resources in the hopes of one day experiencing the joys of holding and loving their own child. Sometimes this happens, but often after a long and exhausting journey marked with loss and pain. Other times, it doesn’t happen, and the once promising dream of a child disappears into heartbreak.

For those couples who do experience pregnancy, it can be the beginning of an exciting journey, but for others, it can be a period of great fear and anxiety. We all hope for the happy ending, but despite doing everything right, miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death can still become an unbearable reality. When a pregnancy or child is lost, expected or sudden, such a loss forces a woman and her partner on a difficult journey. Clients frequently comment by saying:

“Even though our child died after only 2 days, she was still a person. My heart is broken and no one understands.”

“My husband wants to move on and not talk about the miscarriages. He says it was maybe for the best, but I feel so empty and sad.”

“I keep thinking that it’s my fault we lost our baby. I should have been more careful with the pregnancy.”

I am dedicated to helping individuals and couples heal from the emotional pain of infertility ,pregnancy and infant loss. Often a woman and her partner may isolate themselves and feel that no one could possibly understand the depth of their pain. Many times, these couples begin to isolate themselves even from each other. Acknowledge each other’s pain and give yourself the ability to speak aloud your sadness. Recognize your value to each other and those around you. You can heal through this difficult loss and emerge with a different, yet deeper sense of self and each other.