walk and talk therapy MANAGING TECHNIQUES & RESOURCES ANXIETY TREATMENT LEARN MORE Does life often feel overwhelming to you? Anxiety and stress often go hand in hand, and certainly, in these challenging times. depression therapy EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, ENVIRONMENTAL STRESSORS DEPRESSION THERAPY LEARN MORE Dealing with depression can feel like an enormous challenge, but you don’t have to do it alone. DEVELOPING COPING SKILLS GRIEF COUNSELING LEARN MORE Do you feel overwhelmed and consumed by your feelings of grief?Do you feel alone in your grief and that no one understands? infertility miscarriage HEALING TO NAVIGATE YOUR JOURNEY INFERTILITY LEARN MORE Are you experiencing infertility while so many around you are getting pregnant?
Have you experienced a miscarriage and are struggling to cope with your sadness?
medical crisis FUTURE OF YOUR HEALTH AND CHALLENGES MEDICAL CRISIS & CHRONIC ILLNESS LEARN MORE The onset of a medical crisis, injury or health diagnosis may result in initial feelings of fear, sadness, anxiety or anger. prenatal postpartum ANTICIPATION, TRANSFORMATION, CHANGE PRENATAL & POSTPARTUM LEARN MORE Pregnancy is a time filled with so much anticipation and change. For many women, this can result in feelings of excitement, but also fear and worry. PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS PTSD & TRAUMA LEARN MORE Have you experienced or been exposed to a traumatic event that has caused you feelings of anxiety or fear? UNDERSTANDING WARNING SIGNS SUBSTANCE ABUSE LEARN MORE Addiction can take many different forms inclusive of addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs, inclusive of illegal and prescription.

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Daybreak Counseling Services offers a variety of therapy options to accommodate your individual needs,
lifestyle and schedule. Please click on the images below to find the best therapy option for you.

Nancy Colattur

I am grateful to be part of a profession that allows me to bear witness to the resiliency and power of the human spirit.


Nancy Colattur, MSW, LCSW, LISAC

Welcome to the beginning of your journey of self-discovery!

My name is Nancy Colattur, and I look forward to partnering with you and helping you achieve your personal goals. It is my sincerest commitment to work with you and help you create the life your desire.

Please review the services I provide, the expertise I offer, and my areas of specialization.

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